Sacred Heart - Peaceful Living Workshop

The Philosophy of the

The philosophy that underpins this workshop is that we are naturally whole, complete, balanced, unified and have an in-built sense of oneness. However, before you become very angry or fall about laughing at this, I will quickly add that it is absolutely normal for us during our day to day lives to forget how to feel and express these qualities.

A deeper understanding of this philosophy may be gained from our sister website.

It seems to have become normal for us to not to have a strong inner quality of life. That is to say, we are not connected to our natural core strengths whether they be mental, physical or spiritual. We seem to be easily lead by the fast pace of society and what society often calls normal can be unnatural to us as human beings. Can we really be surprised that issues such as crime, mental health, cancer and heart disease are at an all time high?

The Darwinian mindset: "the brain has been left free to do its Darwinian thing" has created an increasingly individualistic and separatist approach to living, which is why most of us end up feeling over-pressurized and alone in our struggle for self advancement and survival. In our striving to become more and more capable of controlling our world, we seem to have become much less connected within and with-it. (The Hearts Code - Paul Pearsall.)

The intention of these beautiful workshops is to gently remind ourselves to remember our true nature and to redevelop the art of experiencing and demonstrating this nature in and through our every day lives no matter what the circumstance or situations may be, and to remember to always hold the highest feeling of love.

I must make it very clear however that the workshop in no way promotes that we deny, deceive or distract ourselves from whatever is actually going on in our lives. A very important aspect of the workshop is to truly develop the observer quality that is within us. This observational quality enables us see through the outer aspect of how something may appear to look or be, to the bigger picture or essence of what it is we are really looking at or feeling. This enables us to live lives that are more empowered, enhanced and fulfilled.