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Quiet Country Lanes, Open Fields, Water and more!

The location is set in one of the most beautiful areas of the country: the Lincolnshire Wolds, just to the north of Horncastle. An area of gently rolling hills, with secluded villages, quiet country lanes and open fields. The cottage is an ancient "mud-and-stud" building standing on the edge of the village of Greetham overlooking the villages of Tetford and Scamblesby and not far from Somersby, the childhood home of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Some images of the location
The house looking out toward Scamblesby. the house

the green The Green in Greetham.

Quiet country lanes - perfect for an evening stroll. the lane

the village pond The village pond.

Open roads - perfect for an exciting drive. the lane

Open fields Open fields around Greetham village.