Sacred Heart - Peaceful Living Workshop

Robert Lackerstein Robert encourages people to:

remember and experience their natural state of wholeness or unity through the fabric of their every day lives. We tend to think we need to sort out the mind to resolve issues. Although there can be a role for this there is also a forgotten but essential aspect within us just waiting to be awakened...

This is our sacred heart. Our relationship with our heart is much more quintessential than just our relationship with our mind.

A peaceful heart is open, strong, vibrant and on fire with love. It shines bright like the sun, illuminating the mind. This leads to a bright enlightened mind which no longer suffers from compulsive, incessant thinking and so is completely free to create the desires of the heart. These beautiful ideas are then fully experienced through a peaceful body that's relaxed, pain-free, flexible and strong.

The allowing of the heart is a prerequisite to experiencing a real moment to moment connection with our soul or true presence.

Through this connection our intuition is very strong, allowing divine inspiration and peaceful living to flow. This empowers us with effortless passion to fulfil our heart's desires. This is really the same as our soul's desire to have an experience of its unified sweet nature in and through the fabric of earthly life.

The intention of the workshops is to:

* Show you how to achieve HEART ~ MIND balance
* Show you how to connect to and honour your body's feelings
* Show you how to mindfully acknowledge "what is" in your life
* Increase your ability in feeling more compassion for yourself and others
* Develop the art of self-acceptance (through connecting the inner child)
* Provide an understanding of the "mirror principle" and how to use it as a gift that can bring balance and unification to all the different aspects and qualities that are within you
* Enable you to increase feelings of APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE and so naturally cultivate even more gifts for you to share and feel grateful for
* Enable you to feel connected to your core strength, your essence "who you really are," truly centred in the highest part of you

During the course of your workshop you will be gently led through the above excerises. There will also be a certain amount of discussion and a little video presentation. One of the keys to this workshop is that the atmosphere is relaxed, and light hearted. The venue and its location play a major role as they provide a safe, secure and homely environment.

* Another key is that as you relax you become less "up-tight," and your defence and coping mechanisms realx along with your belief systems and mind-sets. This in turn allows your perceptions and awareness of yourself, others, and the world to expand.

* Contact and booking information can be found on the bookings page, there you will find relevant email links and phone numbers.